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Experience TV with DIRECTV HD

Quality entertainment is front and center with DIRECTV, especially when it comes to DIRECTV HD. There is nothing like watching your favorite programs in the best picture quality available. Whatever package you choose or features you want from your TV service, get the home entertainment experience you crave with DIRECTV HD. Learn more below.

The Best TV Experience with DIRECTV HD Channels

DIRECTV has more than 200 full-time, high-definition channels to experience.1 DIRECTV HD is advanced 1080p, the same amazing format as Blu-ray™. Not only can you watch your TV in the best quality out there, you can get DIRECTV HD channels in every DIRECTV package! Get your favorite programming in the best quality, all from DIRECTV.

You might be wondering what channels and types of programming you can enjoy in DIRECTV HD. The answer is simple: everything. No matter what shows you like, DIRECTV HD channels are available to suit any taste. Here are some types of programs you can watch in DIRECTV HD:

  • Sports: DIRECTV is the leader in sports, so it’s no wonder that DIRECTV would offer sports programming in the best quality available. See every drop of sweat, close call and winning goal in stunning DIRECTV HD.
  • Movies: DIRECTV offers the same high-definition quality that you can see in theaters. Catch the latest releases and old favorites in crystal-clear HD, all from the comfort of your home.
  • Family-favorites: Popular channels like Food Network, CNN, ABC Family, Bravo and more are all available in high-definition.

DIRECTV HD channels are the perfect finishing touch to your home entertainment.

Get the TV You Want in DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV offers customers a variety of packages to choose from. But regardless of your package selection, you can get an assortment of DIRECTV HD channels. Every DIRECTV channel is available in digital quality, but you can have a greater experience enjoying your favorite channels in HD. Here are some available DIRECTV packages:

  • SELECT™ with 150+ channels
  • ENTERTAINMENT with 155+ channels
  • CHOICE™ with 185+ channels
  • XTRA with 230+ channels
  • ULTIMATE with 245+ channels
  • PREMIER™ with 325+ channels

Control Your Entertainment with DIRECTV HD Receivers

In order to enjoy the top-notch high-definition programming from DIRECTV, you need a DIRECTV HD receiver. New customers have a variety of receivers to choose from, including these great choices:

  • Genie: Holds 200 hours of HD programming, plus allows users to record 5 shows at once or watch 4 shows on different TVs at the same time.2
  • HD DVR Receiver: This DIRECTV HD receiver can hold up to 100 hours of HD content for you viewing enjoyment. You can also record two HD shows at the same time.
  • HD Receiver: The standard HD receiver from DIRECTV also gives you the freedom to enjoy any HD programming.

Get Your HD Programming Today!

Stop watching TV and start experiencing TV with DIRECTV HD. Your favorite programs and so much more are all waiting for you. Call the number on your screen to get your perfect package, HD receiver and DIRECTV HD channels.

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