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DIRECTV Bundles Offer Home Phone Service and More

America’s #1 satellite television service does more than deliver high-quality programming. DIRECTV also offers bundles including phone and Internet services to add convenience and value to the services that keep you connected. Keep in touch with friends and family with a DIRECTV bundle including home phone service, and for even more value, check out DIRECTV + Phone and Internet bundles.

By connecting you with some of the country’s best known and most trusted telephone and Internet providers, DIRECTV offers you the opportunity to receive multiple high-quality services through one simple, streamlined deal. Whether you bundle DIRECTV and phone, DIRECTV and Internet or all three together, you’ll find DIRECTV bundles mean more value and convenience with less hassle.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of DIRECTV Bundles

Bundling your home services such as phone and Internet with DIRECTV offers a number of rewards, both immediate and long-term. Consider some of the advantages of DIRECTV bundles:

Saving time

Researching the various options for home phone service could take quite a bit of time. With DIRECTV bundles, you have instant access to information on plans and packages from top phone providers. Why go through a long search when you can do a quick scan for phone and high-speed Internet services for your home?
DIRECTV + Home Phone

Saving money

Service providers routinely offer discounts, rebates and other incentives for bundle deals. With a DIRECTV bundle, you have an opportunity to see your savings start immediately and continue month after month. Don’t pay more for services you need in your home – bundle and save on quality phone services and high-speed Internet with DIRECTV.

Enjoying superior service

DIRECTV’s partner phone providers offer all the essentials you’ve come to expect from outstanding home phone service, things like reliable connections and clear-as-a-bell call quality. You can expect the same quality and reliability when adding Internet to your DIRECTV + phone bundle. Here’s some of the additional calling features you may be able to get when you bundle:

  • A variety of affordable calling plans – Selections cover everything from basic to enhanced service
  • Local, long-distance and international calling – Some plans feature unlimited calling so that you can talk as much as you want
  • Convenience features – Call waiting, call forwarding, auto redial, speed calling, three-way calling and more
  • Privacy and security features – Caller ID with name and number, call blocking, call waiting ID and more

Call today to get these calling features and more, along with America’s #1 satellite TV service, and be sure to ask about getting even more by adding Internet to your bundle.

Get three times the value and convenience with DIRECTV, Phone and Internet bundles

DIRECTV also connects customers with a number of high-speed Internet providers, which means customers have the additional option of Internet-phone bundles. With a DIRECTV triple play bundle, you can receive home phone service and high-speed Internet in addition to satellite TV.

Adding Internet to your DIRECTV and phone bundle is a great way to get even more value on the services you need for your home. It’s also perfect for making the most of entertainment features such as DIRECTV On Demand, DIRECTV CINEMA and exclusive DIRECTV apps.

TV-phone or TV-Internet-phone bundles – whatever combination you choose with DIRECTV bundles, you still come out a winner.

Call Now for deals on DIRECTV Bundles

As you check out DIRECTV packages, imagine getting the additional benefits of quality home phone service along with outstanding home entertainment.

Suddenly you have the satellite TV package you want and the home phone plan you want. Next, all you need is high-speed Internet, and your home entertainment and connectivity will be complete. The process starts with one phone call to ask about a DIRECTV bundle.

To start enjoying multiple services including phone and Internet with maximum convenience, speak with a customer representative today about DIRECTV bundles. See which phone and Internet providers are available in your area for bundling. Call now to order!

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