Why choose DIRECTV?

Any way you crunch them, the numbers speak for themselves. DIRECTV is available in all 50 states with 99% signal reliability1 making it a reliable entertainment experience. Access 80,000+ shows and movies with DIRECTV On Demand.2

Get the best live 4K HDR Entertainment Experience Available – only on DIRECTV.

The first and only provider to bring you live sports in 4K HDR.

DIRECTV delivers the most live sports in 4K

Only DIRECTV brings you the most live sports in 4K Ultra HD, with lifelike clarity, richer colors and four times the resolution of HD.*

Only DIRECTV offers live events and concerts in 4K HDR

DIRECTV is the first and only TV provider to bring you live events and concerts in 4K HDR. From the Rose Parade to Brian Setzer, DIRECTV brings you more.*

Industry’s Best Picture Format

4K HDR takes the in-home theater-quality experience to the next level, augmenting the industry’s best picture format with even richer, more vibrant colors, and greater depth of detail in light and shadow.*

DIRECTV 4K Ultra HD Channels


Tune in to channel 104 – DIRECTV’s 24/7 channel with linear 4K content, featuring nature documentaries, travel shows and original content from AUDIENCE®.*


Channel 105 is a Pay Per View movie channel that has full-length feature movies and short-form documentaries.


Channel 106 is an event channel with 4K live events as they are available.*

How to watch movies in 4K

It’s easy to watch 4K movies with DIRECTV. You can access over 100 movies On Demand on Ch 1104.*