Why choose DIRECTV?

Any way you crunch them, the numbers speak for themselves. DIRECTV is available in all 50 states with 99% signal reliability1 making it a reliable entertainment experience. Access 80,000+ shows and movies with DIRECTV On Demand.2

Explore More with the DIRECTV App

DIRECTV is a leader in home entertainment technology, including the technology you use both at home to enjoy all your favorite programs and away from your home to watch the same TV. Explore more TV than ever before with DIRECTV apps.

The DIRECTV Mobile App

Let’s face it, it isn’t easy to always be at your TV when you want to be. With the DIRECTV mobile apps you can control your TV experience anywhere.1 DIRECTV created mobile apps for Apple and Android devices so you can take your TV experience with you, wherever you go.

Forgot to set your DVR to record a new program? No problem. With the DIRECTV mobile app, you can set your DVR remotely using your mobile device, whether you’re at home or not.2

DIRECTV mobile App

Do you have to be away from the TV even when a can’t-miss program is on? The DIRECTV mobile app lets you view certain programs on your mobile device. You can access some DIRECTV On Demand programs and even watch some live programming, all on your mobile device, all on the go.3

That’s not all you can do with DIRECTV TV apps. If you’re relaxing at home but still want the flexibility of a mobile device, try using your tablet or iPad as a remote.4 This new technology is way more fun than the traditional clicker. These are just some of the great features DIRECTV mobile apps make possible while away from your TV.


In addition to the great apps you can use on your mobile devices, there are also DIRECTV TV apps you can use on your TV.5 DIRECTV technology makes it easy to make your TV experience so much more than a sedentary activity. Here are some of the cool things you can do with DIRECTV TV apps:

  • Enjoy your Pandora radio stations on your television
  • Check your local weather using the integrated weather app
  • Let your friends know what you’re watching and what you think of it with social media apps like Facebook

Your entertainment experience at home and on the go will never be the same.


When it comes to football there’s no better app than the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET app. Included with your DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET package, the app offers game updates, stats on your favorite players and, of course, updated scores on all the games you want to watch.6 You don’t have to worry about missing the game with this app—the game goes with you.
With your DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET app you can watch the action-packed Short Cuts,7 tune into the RED ZONE CHANNEL®8 and watch live games on your device! See every amazing play, tackle and touchdown, plus so much more with the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET app.

directv app for sports on phone

DIRECTV App Features and Benefits

The same DIRECTV that you watch at home is with you anywhere

  • Recorded Shows – Stream recorded content from your personalized playlist from anywhere!
  • 72 Hour Rewind – Watch shoes that aired the last 3 days on select channels & view On Demand content within hours after the linear airing ends.
  • Restart – Click restart to start over. It will become available two minutes into the program.
  • All Seasons – Next episode will appear and automatically start playing within 20 seconds or tap the Play button to start watching right away.
  • Multiple Streaming – Stream select channels on multiple mobile devices inside or outside the home at any time.
  • ScreenSwitch- Instantly move the show you’re watching on your mobile device to your TV – Tap WATCH ON TV.
  • Recently Watched – At the top of the homepage you can find all your DIRECTV On Demand titles exactly how you left them: paused or watched.

DIRECTV App Frequently Asked Questions


What devices are supported by the DIRECTV App?

  • iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch—iOS 9 and above
  • Android Phone and Android Tablet—system 4.0 and above
  • Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire—system 7 and above

How many devices can I use?

  • You can register up to five devices, and stream one show at a time. That means just about everyone in your family can enjoy his or her favorite shows anywhere-on a tablet or smart phone.

How much does the app cost and where do I get it?

  • Apple users can find the DIRECTV App for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® Touch in the iTunes App store.
  • Android users can find the phone and tablet app at Google Play and Amazon Market.

What can I watch outside of my home?

  • Instantly watch your live and recorded TV, movies and shows from all of your DIRECTV programming networks such as AMC, ESPN, CNN, Disney, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Starz®, Cinemax®, HDTV, Nick, Comedy Central, Lifetime, Audience® and many more.

What kind of programming information can I access using the app?

  • Episode titles and descriptions, images, star ratings, other airings and other episodes for movies and shows.
  • Access real-time scores for sporting events.

How do I view downloaded programs on my mobile device?

  • Open the DIRECTV App on mobile device.
  • DVR playlist – delect program from the list, then select “download.”
  • Selected program will be prepared and status bar will indicate download progress
  • Status bar will change to play button when the program is ready to view!

Can I watch a recorded show via the app while it is airing?

  • Yes, you can start streaming a show minutes after it starts recording to your Genie and shows up on your playlist.

Where can I find more frequently asked questions and troubleshooting?

  • For more freqeuntly asked questions and troubleshooting, visit directv.com/mobiledvr.


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