Why choose DIRECTV?

Any way you crunch them, the numbers speak for themselves. DIRECTV is available in all 50 states with 99% signal reliability1 making it a reliable entertainment experience. Access 80,000+ shows and movies with DIRECTV On Demand.2

DIRECTV in Houston: Explore a Better TV Experience

If you’ve grown tired of paying a monthly cable bill that hardly seems worth the expense, get more for your money with DIRECTV in Houston. If you’re a first-time shopper uncertain about your options, make the decision an easy one with America’s #1 satellite television service.

If you want the best TV in Houston, DIRECTV has the programming, value and service you’ve been looking for.

Five Reasons to Get DIRECTV in Houston

DIRECTV outclasses its competitors in so many categories that a list of five seems like only a starting point. Begin with these five reasons and discover even more after you call and order your DIRECTV package in Houston:

  1. DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all other cable and satellite providers.1 Nothing matters more than giving customers reasons to feel satisfied, and no one in the business does it with the same success as DIRECTV.
  2. DIRECTV has more full-time HD channels than any other satellite provider.2 You won’t find more 24-hour high-definition programming anywhere.
  3. DIRECTV Genie lets you record three times as much programming as many cable HD DVRs.3 Tired of having to erase shows before you even get a chance to enjoy them? Now you know who offers better HD DVR service.
  4. Unlike cable companies, DIRECTV has nationwide availability. All you need is a spot with a clear view of the southern sky at your Houston home.
  5. No other provider has NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Competitors may claim to offer the same sports coverage, but only DIRECTV offers the sensational NFL package that lets you enjoy every game, every Sunday.4

Compare DIRECTV Packages in Houston

With DIRECTV packages in Houston, customers get so much value and entertainment that competitors just don’t measure up.

DIRECTV SELECT™ Package – 130+ channels

“Starter” packages from cable providers and satellite TV competitors may offer less than half this many channels at a higher price.

DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package – 140+ channels

Again, other providers can leave you stuck with less entertainment for more money.

DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package – 150+ channels

Some competitors may force you to pay premium prices for a comparable number of channels.


This package offers a much better combination of entertainment and value than cable – which does a lot to explain its popularity.

DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package – 225+ channels

Some providers really pad their channel lineups in an attempt to offer a comparable package, but the padding doesn’t pay off – for them or their customers.

DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package – 285+ channels

With nearly 300 channels’ worth of news, sports, premium networks and more, no other package gives you more for your money.

Bundle Your TV Service with Internet, Phone or Both

With DIRECTV packages in Houston, Internet bundles are available for increased savings and maximum convenience. DIRECTV partners with some of the nation’s leading high-speed Internet and phone providers, so you have no reason to look anywhere else!

DIRECTV in Houston Makes the Local Connection

DIRECTV makes local channels available in 99% of U.S. households, and local channels are included in every programming package.5 Why is it important to have local channels with your DIRECTV package in Houston?

You can count on important local news and weather every day of the year, including hurricane season. You can enjoy local sports, from the Texans, Rockets, Astros and Dynamo to the Cougars and Owls, and even high school athletics.

DIRECTV also maintains those all-important community connections with a nationwide network of technicians and support staff, including a local installer right there in Houston.

DIRECTV Home Services

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DIRECTV in Houston is One Call Away, So Order Now!

A world-class city deserves world-class entertainment and value, which explains why DIRECTV and Houston make a perfect match. Call now to order your package and start enjoying the nation’s top satellite television service!