Why choose DIRECTV?

Any way you crunch them, the numbers speak for themselves. DIRECTV is available in all 50 states with 99% signal reliability1 making it a reliable entertainment experience. Access 50,000+ shows and movies with DIRECTV On Demand.2

DIRECTV + HughesNet: Two leaders in satellite technology

DIRECTV + HughesNet: Two leaders in satellite technology

Like DIRECTV, HughesNet provides service all over the nation, so you can bundle TV + Internet no matter where you are.
DIRECTV + HughesNet bundles combine high-quality TV service with the availability and reliability of satellite internet. Order your DIRECTV + HughesNet bundle today. Call 1-877-813-5577 to get started.


Get the best in satellite TV and Internet services

Introducing HughesNet Gen5

HughesNet Gen5 is the latest generation of HughesNet technology. With faster speeds, more data and built-in Wi-Fi, HughesNet is better than ever.

Best of all, you can add HughesNet your DIRECTV package no matter where you live. A clear view of the southern sky is all you need to receive strong, consistent signals for both services.


HughesNet Plans
99 per mo.

  • Up to 25 Mbps
  • 10 GB data allowance
  • 50 GB free data for off-peak hours (2-8 a.m.)
  • No fees for going over data limits
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

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Will I need a dish for TV and Internet?

Yes. Even though both services use satellite technology, you will need a separate dish for DIRECTV and HughesNet services.

What’s the difference between plans?

HughesNet Gen5 plans feature 25/3 Mbps speeds. Plans and pricing vary by amount of data. HughesNet offers 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB and 50 GB plans.

Will bad weather interrupt my connection?

While most weather will not affect your satellite Internet, dense cloud coverage, strong storms and heavy snow may temporarily interfere with the satellite signal.

What happens if I go over on my data?

You will not incur any additional charges, but you will experience reduced speeds. You may purchase data coins to resume your original speeds.

Last Updated: 11/15/2017