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DISH Joey vs. DIRECTV Genie

In a world where viewers want more control of their television, it’s not surprising that DIRECTV Genie and the Genie Mini are leading the way in Whole-Home HD DVR service. The DIRECTV Genie just gives you more of a say in how and when you enjoy your television programming, and the Genie Mini offers more options in terms of where and how many rooms.

Of course, the success of the DIRECTV Genie and the Genie Mini are not without their fair share of imitators. One of these is the DISH Joey – the little brother of the DISH Hopper; DISH’s answer to the success of the Genie.

The DISH Joey isn’t the only contender on the market but, for the purpose of this page, both the Genie Mini and the DISH Joey will be compared in terms of features and service. Read on to see how the two stack up. And, if you would like to know more about the DIRECTV Genie Mini, call now.

Comparing the DIRECTV Genie Mini to the DISH Joey

In order to understand how the Genie Mini and the DISH Joey compare, it’s important to understand how their older brothers stack up. The main feature Genie Mini and the DISH Joey share is their ability to make DVR services easier and reliable. Beyond that, it comes down to what the DIRECTV Genie has and the DISH Joey doesn’t.

DIRECTV Genie and the Genie Mini

DIRECTV has taken the DVR market by storm with their Genie and the subsequent Genie Mini. The Genie lets customers enjoy their favorite programming on their terms while providing viewers with a measure of control few providers can come close to imitating. With the Genie, customers can store hundreds of hours of HD entertainment, pause the action at any time, resume in multiple rooms and schedule recordings.

Add the Genie Mini and you have a winning combination of flexibility and access. Access to the shows, movies and channels you actually want to see when you want to see them.

DISH Hopper and the DISH Joey

In order to compete with DIRECTV’s successful Genie, DISH responded with its Hopper DVR. Much like the Genie, Hopper lets you record hours of programming and control the action. The DISH Hopper also comes with a variety of bells and whistles, much like the many other perks DIRECTV’s Genie provides.

And, like the Genie Mini, the DISH Joey is designed to expand the DISH customer’s viewing experience with a few limited features.

The following table explains more about what you’ll get with the DIRECTV Genie that the DISH Joey just can’t provide:

and Genie Mini
Allows you to watch your TV anywhere including inside and outside the home. YES NO
Connect up to 8 TVs wirelessly to one GENIE HD DVR YES NO
Offers recommendations for new shows based on programs you have already watched YES NO
Schedule recordings two weeks in advance YES NO

It’s important to choose a DVR service that meets your needs. DIRECTV prefers to give customers more programming and more options than DISH can provide. To learn more about how the DISH Joey compares to the DIRECTV Genie and the Genie Mini, call now.

Forget DISH Joey! Get DIRECTV Genie Mini!

In the end, it’s up to you which DVR service you choose. There are many on the market including the DISH Joey, but they all pale in comparison to the original DIRECTV Genie. Call today and find out how much more you can get out of your television with the DIRECTV Genie and the Genie Mini.

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