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When you come to Kerry Piper, you typically stay for the drinks and the atmosphere. However, there's another reason you should come out: the sports. You won't find a better place to enjoy the game. Kerry Piper has DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET and access to every live game, every Sunday. So the next time you're thinking about staying in and watching some football, think again. Come on out to Kerry Piper and get into the game with DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET.


Your ticket to a perfect season

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is your source for the NFL games you want to see this season, but you can only get it with DIRECTV. Catch your favorite teams and players with NFL coverage from coast to coast, end zone to end zone, all season long.

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DIRECTV gives you two ways to catch more football


NFL SUNDAY TICKET makes your TV your ticket to every out-of-market game on Sundays throughout the season. Each game is available in high-definition, so you can see every yard and every big play with unbelievable clarity that makes you feel like you’re at the stadium. If you can’t be at the game, you can be in the game with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, an essential for every sports fan!



Make your living room the destination for every tackle and touchdown, every blitz and block, all season long. Follow your favorite teams and players with access to every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday.1 See real-time highlights, scores, stats and more from around the league on a convenient menu just for NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscribers.2 Never miss a minute of the action. Get in more games with NFL SUNDAY TICKET!


Get all of the games and features of NFL SUNDAY TICKET and more with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.3 See all of the big plays on the RED ZONE CHANNEL.4 Get the competitive edge in your football fantasy league with DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE. Watch a game in 30 minutes or less on Short Cuts channels.5 There’s so much more you can do with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, but you can only do it with DIRECTV.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET features give you more NFL coverage

Amp up your game day with NFL SUNDAY TICKET from DIRECTV

Live game streaming
Stream NFL SUNDAY TICKET games live on mobile devices and select game consoles with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App.6

Real-time stats and scores
Take a quick look at stats and scores of live games without interrupting the game you’re on.2

Player tracker
Get stats and on-screen notifications for up to 20 players.2 Perfect for keeping up with your fantasy team.

Games in HD
Enjoy the intense sights and sounds of the game in HD.7 If you can’t be at the game, HD is the next best thing.

Games and highlights On Demand
Happen to miss a big game? NFL On Demand keeps you caught up on the games you missed.8

Special channels
Additional football channels like NFL RED ZONE and DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE give you an inside look at the NFL.

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    There are two ways for NFL superfans to get the most out of DIRECTV: NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.

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    NFL SUNDAY TICKET offers every minute of every live out-of-market game, every Sunday.1 You’ll also get access to real-time stats and scores and NFL SUNDAY TICKET on DEMAND.

Connect with the league like never before

Watch multiple games at once and get in-depth coverage of players and games.

Watch up to 8 games at once
The Mix Channel comes with NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. This feature allows you to watch 4 or 8 games live, in HD where available, on one screen.9 Each mini screen shows the game, current score and team of possession. It’s the best way to watch all the big games as they happen.
Short Cuts
Watch a condensed version of previous games, even games that were blacked out on Sunday, with Short Cuts.5 These channels air replays of the game without the commercials and stopped clock times, enabling you to watch a full game in less than 30 minutes. Get this convenient way to watch the games with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.

See the scoring plays from all over the NFL on RED ZONE CHANNEL®. Available with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, the RED ZONE CHANNEL® is your up-to-the-minute highlight reel featuring game day’s most important plays.3 This channel really captures the excitement of the game – it’s a great way to keep up with all the big plays everyone will be talking about Monday morning!
Just like the NFL, winning in your fantasy football league is all about getting the competitive edge. With DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE®, available with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you can do just that. This channel offers in-depth analysis of top players and may shed some light on potential dark horses, so you can make your fantasy team its best.

Stream games live with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App


Watch on your mobile or gaming devices

The NFL SUNDAY TICKET App has live games, real-time stats and more all in one place. Stream live games on your phone, tablet or even select game consoles.6 You can also get highlight notifications and play them right on your device. Keep up with scores, player stats and more. With this convenient app, you never have to miss a second of the action.


DIRECTV bundles are perfect for the app

DIRECTV is your source for NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and a reliable Internet connection can help you get the best football experience. Bundle your TV package with high speed Internet to make the most out of game day and to stay connected every other day. Call now to get deals on DIRECTV bundles available in your area!

Game time is better with Genie®

Find your games

DIRECTV connects you to tons of entertainment, especially when you have NFL SUNDAY TICKET. The HD On-Screen Guide enables you to quickly and easily find games and shows. Use the Smart Search function from the main menu to find the game day matchups and football coverage you want.

Watch 2 games at once

Can’t decide on which game to watch? No problem. Genie® gives you the option to watch two channels at once on the same screen.12 Now you can keep up with other big games or football coverage while watching your favorite team compete. And for even more live games at once, check out the Mix Channel.7

Wirelessly connect 8 TVs

Game day is about much more than watching the game from the couch. There’s grilling on the patio, grabbing refreshments out of the kitchen and other game time distractions. Genie® allows you to wirelessly connect up to 8 TVs to one HD DVR so you can watch from wherever game day takes you around the house, even outside.11


DIRECTV makes getting service and packages like NFL SUNDAY TICKET simple. A quick phone call is all it takes to get DIRECTV, and you can add NFL SUNDAY TICKET when you place your order. You may be eligible to get NFL SUNDAY TICKET included for the upcoming season with your package – call now to find out how!

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