DIRECTV for BUSINESS™: A Better Way to Build Your Business

The workplace atmosphere can encourage or hinder productivity. DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ transforms a bland workplace into a lively, entertaining environment for customers and employees. Multiple packages are available – call today to order the right one for your business. The selection includes:

Business SELECT™ Pack

per mo.

  • The perfect package for Bars & Restaurants
  • 90+ Channels
Business XTRA Pack

per mo.

  • Best for Offices, Lobbies, Gyms & Shops
  • 155+ Channels
Commercial Entertainment Pack

per mo.

  • The perfect package for Bars & Restaurants
  • 100+ Channels

Entertainment is our business. What’s yours?

Offices and moreHospitals and HotelsRestaurants and Bars

Offices, lobbies, gyms and shops

Keep employees and visitors entertained with high-quality TV programming and satellite radio from DIRECTV. The BUSINESS SELECT™ PACK and BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT PACK offer great selections of news and entertainment networks, including local channels.1 Give them the entertainment they love without spending a lot – call to hear more about economical choices for DIRECTV for Offices.

Hospitals, hotels and dorms

DIRECTV makes it easy to deliver quality entertainment in every room. DIRECTV for Hospitals, Hotels and Dorms features many entertainment options, all great for making your visitors feel right at home. Give your short-term and extended guests more entertainment options with DIRECTV. Get per-unit pricing for your hospital, hotel or dorm today.

Restaurants and bars

The atmosphere of a restaurant or bar makes it successful. When creating your atmosphere, remember that patrons love to watch one thing – sports! Do you have the games your customers want to see? If not, you could be missing out on valuable business! Get the games your customers want to see with DIRECTV.

Why DIRECTV? Because you want the best for your business.

Treat your customers, guests and employees to premium entertainment from DIRECTV.

The right options for your business

DIRECTV offers a variety of business options so you can get the one that fits your business needs. Do you need a basic package to show news and local programming in your reception area? How about music to keep your customers engaged and shopping? Whatever entertainment your business demands, DIRECTV has packages for you.

Reliability and nationwide availability

Rely on DIRECTV wherever your business takes you. With nationwide availability, DIRECTV makes upgrading to quality entertainment easy. And, since DIRECTV has a 99% Worry-Free Signal Reliability, entertainment will be one less thing to worry about.1 Give your business entertainment you can count on. Call now to order DIRECTV for your business.


International and Spanish programming

Cater to international or Spanish-speaking customers with a variety of entertainment options for your business. DIRECTV offers numerous international packages and Spanish language options so you can provide a unique and comforting entertainment experience for all your guests. International packages from DIRECTV will enhance any business and are especially ideal for hotels and dorms.

Leading customer satisfaction

As a business leader, you understand the importance of customer satisfaction and what it says about your business. Put your trust in DIRECTV to provide premium entertainment and prioritize all your business entertainment needs. Order today to start enjoying your service!

Enjoy quality programming and tons of sports.

Popular programming, music  and local channels

DIRECTV connects your customers and employees to the best entertainment available. From popular shows on national networks to local entertainment, DIRECTV Business packages have options for everyone.3 Entertain everyone in your business with commercial-free music hits on a variety of Music Choice channels. Create the energetic environment you want in your business with popular programming, local channels and music on DIRECTV.

Sports programming and sports packs

Want to make your business the destination for sporting events? Order DIRECTV and host the games your customers want to see. Get sports channels with your package and add sports packs for even more games. Check out NFL SUNDAY TICKET, a DIRECTV exclusive that gives you every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday.4 Turn your business into the local hub for all things sports with DIRECTV, the undisputed leader in sports!5

Why wait to order DIRECTV for your business?

Create the ideal environment for your business, stimulate sales and engage your employees with DIRECTV business packages! Upgrading your business with DIRECTV is easy. Call now to find the right DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ package for your needs.