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DIRECTV Installation Van
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DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package: the best of everything

The PREMIER™ Package is the biggest package and the best package that DIRECTV has to offer. Why? You get top of the line programming for the ultimate entertainment experience. With tons of channels and all the best features, nothing can compare.

Get every channel and premium network with the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package



All the Channels
Over 330 channels of thrilling entertainment for the whole family are packed into the PREMIER™ Package. No other DIRECTV package comes with this many channels. It gets better with DIRECTV’s 185+ full-time HD channels.1 Get virtually endless entertainment to pick from, and enjoy it in spectacular picture and exceptional sound quality. Don’t just get TV. Experience better TV from DIRECTV.


All the Premium Networks
Get the entertainment everyone is talking about with the PREMIER™ Package. Premium networks like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® and STARZ® are included at no extra cost. That’s a line-up you can’t beat. From award-winning programs, original series, documentaries, sports events and exclusive, critically acclaimed content, the PREMIER™ Package is like no other. Dive into some of the best entertainment available. It’s all yours with this package.

Channels in every genre for every mood

With so many channels to choose from, watch something new every night.

National Favorites
You couldn’t imagine TV without channels like ABC, USA, Comedy Central, FOX, Lifetime and Discovery. With the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package, you don’t have to. The list of channels also includes HISTORY, Bravo, A&E, TLC and many more. Stay up to date on the latest programs, the most popular shows and all the primetime favorites with this package.

Sports Channels
This package changes the game for sports fans. Get everything from ESPN, ESPN2, FOX Sports Channel, Golf Channel, NBA TV and CBS Sports. You can also get channels that cover baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer and more. Cheer on your home teams and see what’s happening in leagues across the nation. With lots of sports options, every day is game day.
News and Politics
Get extensive coverage of the latest headlines with CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg Television, FOX News, CSPAN and BBC World News. Besides national and international news, local channels are available in 99% of US households so you can enjoy your town network affiliates, too.2 With everything from news, weather and local events, DIRECTV has it all for you.

Family and Lifestyle
When you’re not watching new movies or hard-hitting sports, the PREMIER™ Package has tons of options for family-friendly TV. Check out ABC Family, Disney Channel, BabyFirst TV™, National Geographic Channel and many others. Or explore recipes on Food Network and renovations on DIY TV. Plus, there are dozens of music channels covering everything from oldies to today’s top hits.

Take it to the next level with bonus packages and features

Genie® HD DVR
Not going to be home for your favorite show’s season finale? No problem. Genie can record up to 5 shows at once so you don’t have to miss out.5 When you’re ready to enjoy shows on your time, you can watch recorded content in any connected room in the house, even outside.5

High Speed Internet from AT&T
Add AT&T high speed Internet to your package and take your TV programming with you around town and across the nation. With web-enabled devices, you can stream more content from home or tap into the AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network to access programs when you’re away from home.7

Call Now to Order Your DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package

Now that you know exactly what this entertainment-packed package has in store, all that’s left to do is make the call. Speak with a DIRECTV expert, and get the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package.

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