Catch sci-fi drama “Equals” now on DIRECTV

Catch sci-fi drama “Equals” now on DIRECTV

“Equals,” a tale about love emerging in a futuristic, emotionless world, opens in theaters on July 15, but DIRECTV subscribers can watch it now exclusively on DIRECTV CINEMA.

Director Drake Doremus led the production, which features an all-star cast in Kristen Stewart (“Twilight”), Nicholas Hoult (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) and Guy Pearce (“The King’s Speech”).

After premiering at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, “Equals” hopes to captivate audiences everywhere with its compelling take on the power of human emotion.

Experience a world where love is a sickness

By eradicating most illnesses and suppressing all human emotions, society has fabricated a peaceful utopia. However, the safe stability is threatened when a disease, aptly named “SOS,” renders some capable of experiencing emotions, including love.

Silas (Hoult) and Nia (Stewart) are two co-workers who become “infected” and must keep their forbidden love secret from society. The two hope to keep their love alive by planning an escape with the help of other infected citizens. As the plot unfurls, the audience accompanies Silas and Nia on a journey that explores love’s power and determination.

 See it on DIRECTV weeks before it hits theaters

“Equals” opens in select theaters July 15, but is available now for rental on DIRECTV CINEMA. Customers can purchase a 72-hour rental in standard-definition for $11.99, or experience the futuristic setting in 1080p HD for $12.99

You won’t want to miss this imaginative romance. Be on the lookout for it and other new releases on DIRECTV CINEMA.