DIRECTV Takes Us to Some Dark Places this Summer

DIRECTV Takes Us to Some Dark Places this Summer!

Dark Places crime sceneOne of this year’s most-anticipated blockbusters won’t be hitting theatres this summer. …At least not before DIRECTV shares it with the world. Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places is coming to DIRECTV CINEMA and Charlize Theron is bringing her A-game to this cinematic thriller!

How good is your memory? They say that the strongest memories are the ones tied to extremes. Extreme joy and, yes, extreme tragedy. Unfortunately, as vivid as these memories can be, they are not always reliable. Experiences following the memory color the outlook and, before you know it, how you remember something may only be one truth, but never the truth. Dark Places plays around with the nature of what and how we choose to remember things when our courage and conviction are put to the test.

Set against the horrifying history of a family massacre in rural Kansas, the movie follows the sole survivor, Libby Day, and her search for the truth 25 years later. The movie begins exactly 25 years after Libby testified in court against her own brother –  her testimony helped convict him of the murders. Libby has used up the last of her autobiography royalties when she is contacted by a group of people – something called a “Kill Club.”

This Club is made up of amateur investigators from all walks of life, all with one thing in common: fervent belief in the innocence of Libby’s brother. Needing the money and, honestly, unsure of the truth she has harbored all these years, she agrees to let them pick her brain. However, the search for the truth stirs many hidden pasts and may lead to unforeseen consequences.

If you’re already hooked by the character intrigues and the oppressive atmosphere of an obscure sense of truth, it’s not surprising. Dark Places takes its cues from a book by the same name written by none other than the talented Gillian Flynn. While some movie fans might remember Flynn for her book Gone Girl and the movie that followed, Dark Places is based on her second book and goes down a much more different path.

While fans of Gone Girl can expect more of the same in terms of characterization and thrilling storytelling, Dark Places is decidedly its own creature, with a whole new lead and a brand new kind of character intrigue. Dark Places is a story of personal horror and the things we, as human beings, do to protect ourselves from the truth we know all too well. Charlize Theron brings a kind of raw passion to the role of Libby that puts this film well into Oscar territory, and her versatility allows for a multi-faceted portrayal of what pretty much equates to a (perhaps) willfully unreliable narrator.

Dark Places is a study in the nature of our memory and, in a broader sense, the human experience when faced with trauma. What we choose to remember and just how we remember it are all indicative of the quality of our character and what we can truly handle. No one really knows how they’ll act or what they’ll say in the heat of a truly horrifying moment and Dark Places offers a nuanced approach to the tried-and-true tale of an inescapable past.

You can catch the exclusive premiere of Dark Places on DIRECTV CINEMA now before its theatrical debut on August 6th.