Three Things the Cable Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Three Things the Cable Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, as the old saying goes. When it comes to DIRECTV vs. cable, however, what you don’t know can hurt you as a consumer and a TV viewer.

DIRECTV vs. CableDIRECTV offers better HD-DVR technology, wider availability and a more satisfying customer experience than cable. Whether you’re a first-time shopper or a cable customer looking for a better alternative, the things you need to know about DIRECTV will help you make a more informed decision.

#1: DIRECTV Genie Beats Cable DVR

Digital video recording creates a better viewing experience for millions of TV watchers. Unfortunately, not all DVR devices are created equal. The DIRECTV Genie HD-DVR has three times the recording capacity of the average cable device.1 With Genie, you get:

  • Up to 800 hours of Standard-Definition recording
  • Up to 200 hours of High-Definition recording

Cable advertising emphasizes the convenience of pausing live TV and recording one show as you watch another, but any DVR can do those things. When it comes to recording capacity, cable DVR service just doesn’t measure up to the DIRECTV Genie.

If you’re tired of the cable DVR telling you that you’re low on recording space, tired of constantly erasing your recorded shows to make room, let Genie put some magic into your HD-DVR experience.

#2: DIRECTV Beats Cable in Customer Satisfaction

You may not have heard of the American Customer Satisfaction Index – the cable companies probably wish they hadn’t.

Every year, ACSI surveys thousands of consumers to determine their satisfaction with various industries, including satellite television and cable. Here’s what we know from the 2016 ACSI:

  • DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all other cable and satellite providers.
  • For the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable.2

A 16-year winning streak doesn’t happen by accident. The ACSI lends scientific evidence to what millions of DIRECTV customers already know: nobody, including cable, delivers a more satisfying experience than America’s #1 satellite TV service.

#3: DIRECTV Beats Cable in Availability

The third and final thing the cable company doesn’t want you to know involves something fundamental: it may be harder to get cable service than you think.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications estimates the nationwide availability of cable TV at 95 percent. That number sounds impressive until you consider that it represents the combined reach of every cable company in the country. Larger cable providers may serve areas in two dozen or more states, but the service areas of regional companies tend to be much smaller.

Also, you may run into the issue of government franchise agreements that define the geographic areas where cable companies can do business – especially tricky for movers.

With DIRECTV, however, availability is much simpler. You need nothing more than a spot with a clear view of the southern sky where a DIRECTV installer can mount your satellite dish.

DIRECTV’s availability is virtually nationwide. Depending on where you live, cable’s availability could be hit or miss.

Now You Know Why DIRECTV is the Best

There’s another old saying: knowledge is power. Now that you have the information about DIRECTV that the cable company would rather you didn’t, you have more power to make the best choice.

Choose the provider that’s best for you, as a smart shopper and a devoted TV viewer. If that choice happens to be DIRECTV, you’ll know it was the right one.