DIRECTV’s Kingdom Brings the Fight Home


The new DIRECTV original series Kingdom hits hard both in and outside the ring. Set in Venice, California, the show follows Alvey Kulina (Frank Grillo), an MMA legend who runs the Navy St. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym with his girlfriend and business partner Lisa Prince (Kiele Sanchez). While Kulina tries to keep his business and his fighters on top, he must also struggle to navigate his difficult relationships with his sons Jay (Jonathan Tucker) and Nate (Nick Jonas).

Nate is Alvey’s youngest son and is trying to make a name for himself in MMA. The best fighter at the gym, Nate always does what’s expected of him and his hard work has paid off. However he still feels like he’s not living for himself and is constantly caught in the middle of the battles between his father and his older brother. Jay is the most talented fighter most people have ever seen but lacks the discipline of his brother Nate. Jay also struggles to stay out of trouble and has never forgiven his father for what happened to their mother (see below). Though their paths have led them in different directions, they are both still trying to find a place in their father’s world.

Complicating things further, Lisa’s old boyfriend Ryan (Matt Lauria) just got out of prison and washed up at the gym. Ryan is a former three-time, All-American wrestler and champion fighter who had it all but lost control of his life and himself. He has emerged from prison a humbled version of himself and while Lisa doesn’t completely trust him, Alvey brings him into the gym as a way to help turn things around for both of them.

Struggling on the ragged edges of the city is Alvey’s estranged wife and Jay and Nate’s mother Christina (Joanna Going). Beautiful beyond compare, Christina has battled mental illness and drug addiction for most of her sons’ lives. In an attempt to shield his boys from her demons, Alvey turned his back on her and let her fall into darkness, an act that Jay can never forgive but will stop at nothing to fix.

Available only on the AUDIENCE Network, Kingdom explores what it really means to fight for what you love and the true costs of those battles. Kingdom airs Wednesdays at 9PM ET/PT on channel 239.