Loudermilk Season 1 Recap and Season 2 Outlook




Adult-oriented comedy is currently all of the rage and The Audience Network is getting in on the action with their TV series, ‘Loudermilk’. ‘Loudermilk’ is a comedy that airs exclusively on The Audience Network. The series was developed by Peter Farrelly, writer of ‘Dumb And Dumber’, and it premiered on October 17th, 2017. The series stars Ron Livingston (‘Office Space’), Will Sasso (‘MADtv), and Laura Mennell (‘The Man In The High Castle’). The show follows Sam Loudermilk, an alcoholic in ‘recovery’, and his unapologetically bad attitude. The series follows Sam as he seeks to put his life back together while staying completely sober. As it turns out, when you’re as dour as Sam, fixing your relationships is twice as hard as staying clean.

The first season of ‘Loudermilk’ aired for a full 10 episodes before being picked back up for another run. The next season of ‘Loudermilk’ is premiering on October 16, 2018, which is right around the corner. Before ‘Loudermilk’ returns to your television set, let’s give you the chance to recap all of the action from the hit first season.

‘Loudermilk’ Season 1 Recap – Chaos & Comedy.

As we detailed above, ‘Loudermilk’ seeks to explore the peril of substance abuse under the guise of comedy. The series starts out by following Sam Loudermilk, an alcoholic in recovery who happens to be graced with a counselors’ gift. Loudermilk knows how to fix everyone else in his life, but he just doesn’t know how to apply that knowledge to his own personal workings. Described as a ‘drunk whisperer’, writer Peter Farrelly didn’t hold back in creating a character that was at once charming and completely rough around the edges.

Loudermilk: The Perfect Anti-Hero.

The series starts with Sam Loudermilk being tasked by a local priest, Father Michael, with helping a young woman named Claire (played by Anja Savcic) with her substance abuse problems. Sam is twisted into helping Claire after Father Michael threatens to shut down the AA meetings that Sam runs in the church. Sam begrudgingly complies. Sam meets up with Claire and offers to help but is instantly rebuffed. Sam leaves his card, anticipating that she’ll come to a meeting later on.

Back at home, Sam gets introduced to a new neighbor in the form of Allison (Laura Mennell) who has, wouldn’t you know it, just moved in across the hall. Instantly the duo is set up to be the romance that we pay close attention to. Sam doesn’t make a great first impression and we’re left with our first tease of how these two characters will grow and the kind of obstacles that they will face.

At Church, Father Michael shuts down the AA meetings and forces Sam to be more proactive in helping Claire. He gruffly responds that he’ll try harder but we can tell that he has a heart of gold and really does care about the other addicts in his life. Sam confronts Claire back at her home and he opens up about his own addictions and we see that there may be more to Sam than the gruff, old man exterior that is so expertly presented by actor Ron Livingston.

Once we get out of the pilot episode, ‘Loudermilk’ opens up and introduces us to the wider world of wacky characters that navigate in and around Sam’s life. In the second episode, ‘Shark Week’, Sam and his roommate Ben (Will Sasso) are thrust into a precarious situation when a clearly-not-sober Claire decides to start crashing on their couch. Knowing that this just isn’t going to work, Sam decides that he needs to give her a rough wake-up call with what he’d describe as his own version of a vision quest. As it turns out, this vision quest will involve driving out into the woods and getting soaked and abandoned. Needless to say, Claire isn’t happy and she lashes out at them both upon returning. Ben is charged with watching Claire but he fails and Claire relapses. While this is happening, Sam is also trying to make it in with his new neighbor, but the dynamic differences between the two are clearly set up to be an obstacle for the entire season and, potentially, more seasons to come.

He Can Fix Anything — But Himself.

As ‘Loudermilk’ continues, we get to see more and more of how Ron Livingstone can flex his character’s actions into becoming the perfect anti-hero. Loudermilk is gruff, dismissive and holier-than-thou but he’s typically right the majority of the time. While Loudermilk comes off as self-centered, he’s truly a caring individual. Episode 3 features Loudermilk trying to connect one of his A.A. attendees, Mugsy, with his estranged daughter. Mugsy complains that he hasn’t been able to connect with her but Sam takes 90 seconds on the internet in order to find her – much to the chagrin of Father Michael who has to acknowledge Sam’s effective if unorthodox ways.

While Mugsy is easy to help, Sam continues to struggle with Claire as she is still clearly wrestling with her tendencies. The vision quest from episode 2 (‘Shark Week’) didn’t do the trick and we start to see that Claire may not be so easy to ‘fix’ after all. Sam wants to help but, well, he IS Loudermilk and that means he can only extend so far. Still, Sam’s reluctance is weighed against Ben’s good-natured desire to help and Sam’s own desire to impress new neighbor Allison in spite of her boyfriend making an appearance. Later on, in an attempt to break through to Claire, Sam pays someone to hang out with her. Claire finds out and is struck — she’s been tricked again.

Nobody Can Stay Happy.

Loudermilk is not the kind of guy to let things go and he certainly doesn’t let Allison get away from him, boyfriend Carl be damned. The trio ends up getting dinner together where Loudermilk spots a man choking on his food. Carl is reluctant to get involved, despite wearing his scrubs and clearly being a medical professional, and Loudermilk jumps in to save the day. Allison is astonished. Elsewhere, Claire gets a CPAP machine from Carl and this leaves Ben with some problems sleeping. Maybe these three dysfunctional characters won’t be able to live together after all. Who’d have guessed it? Elsewhere, Tom (Brendan McNamara) is tasked with attending A.A. for his overbearing corporate boss. At the meeting, an enthusiastic Cutter (Danny Wattley) decides to offer himself up as Tom’s sponsor. Tom doesn’t know how to handle this and almost immediately breaks the relationship, much to the chagrin of Cutter. Things are about to get complicated.

Elsewhere, Allison & Sam continue their love-hate relationship over vinyl when Sam finds out that Allison has atrocious musical tastes. Across town, the over-enthusiastic Cutter decides to surprise Tom only to catch him with his pants down. Tom tries to come clean about the fact that he is simply covering for his boss, but Cutter isn’t buying. Tom ends up calling the police on Cutter and Cutter reveals that he used to be a police officer in the area. Looks like Tom won’t be ducking his ‘sponsor’ anytime soon. Episode 6 ends with Sam reluctantly revealing that his ex-wife drives him to want to drink. Claire mistakenly had thought that his ex-wife had been dead this whole time. “Not quite,” Sam reveals. “She pulled through.”

Gaining Steam To Close The Season.

After Loudermilk reveals that his ex-wife is alive, he stumbles home only to find his father Tony (Jackie Flynn) waiting for him. Tony tells Loudermilk that he is dying and came home to re-connect. Sam calls him a liar and Tony folds, admitting he was joking. Some dad. As it turns out, Tony was just on his way to connecting with an online flame and we quickly see why Sam had been ducking his father. He’s abrasive, politically incorrect and hard to get a word in edgewise around. The two go to dinner and we see some of the details in their relationship that may have led Sam to drink. Tony even orders Sam a beer, not realizing that sober means sober. Tony is completely incapable of understanding his son’s addiction. Sam calls on roommate Ben to come to the rescue. Ben is drunk, not good. So it goes. Tony ends up coming home to stay at Sam’s place and suddenly their living situation is very interesting.

Later, Loudermilk decides to crash at Allison’s when Tony brings home the server from dinner. The next morning, Loudermilk returns and finds a flask of alcohol hidden between the couch cushions. Sam finds out that Ben has fallen off of the wagon and things get much darker. Loudermilk drags Ben to a nearby diner where they catch a meal with a ‘shining beacon of sobriety’ in the form of a nearly mute fellow A.A. sponsor. Ben is unphased.

Back at Tom’s apartment, his weird boss rolls through with a pair of women and alcohol. While this might be totally fine in any other situation, Cutter is still watching with night vision goggles and a taser. Cutter, still clearly believing that Tom is an addict, comes to the ‘rescue’ by breaking up the sex and alcohol filled party. Tom dares Cutter to taze him and Cutter complies. Tom wakes up handcuffed in his own home. Across town, Ben continues his descent into alcoholism by day-drinking and driving whereupon he nearly kills a homeless man pushing a grocery cart. Oh, and did we mention that at this same time we find out that Sam’s ex-wife is getting married?

Loudermilk Falls Off The Rails.

With news that his ex-wife is getting married, Loudermilk truly loses control. Ben reveals that Loudermilk wasn’t invited but Sam packs a suitcase anyway, “I might want to break in and stop the thing. I don’t want to be under-dressed.” The two set out for the wedding and Loudermilk abandons his A.A. group at the same time. Sam and Ben hit the road and light out for the wedding. Claire tags along. Before the wedding festivities can get underway, The trio makes a detour to a local A.A. group where they find that the A.A. leader is drinking during his testimony. The two go back-and-forth about the morality of the situation while afterward Ben sneaks away for some mysterious reason. Uh oh. Father Michael calls Loudermilk in order to tell him not to come back to the A.A. group. Double uh-oh.

After Sam and Claire leave the A.A. group they find out that Ben has been ‘abducted’. He tells Sam not to worry about calling the police and that he’s okay now. Sam asks Ben to stop in and talk to his ex-wife, Memphis, in order to get her warmed up to the idea of Sam showing his face again. Ben stutters out an acknowledgment before telling him to take Claire and his car back to Seattle. Ben hangs up the phone and we see that he is walking up the doorsteps to someone’s house. He knocks. Memphis opens the door and the two begin to passionately make out.

Ben The Traitor, Sam Relapses.

The first season of the show ends with Ben in New Orleans enjoying Mardi Gras with Memphis. During a wild party on Bourbon Street Claire, who has not yet embarked on the trip back home, catches Ben and Memphis making out. She snaps a photo and shows it to Sam. Sam is in utter disbelief. How could Memphis cheat on her fiance with Ben? Wait, no. Oh no. Ben is the fiance.

Elsewhere, Ben reveals to Memphis that Sam is in town. Ben also reveals that Sam has no idea about Ben and Memphis being together. She’s rightly furious and vows to tell Sam unless Ben reveals the truth first. Ben promises to do just that and across town, Sam is amping himself up in order to incite a confrontation of his own. Ben lights out for Bourbon Street and ducks into the first bar that he sees. After mentally fighting himself, Sam relents and orders ‘Bourbon, neat.’ He’s going to need some liquid courage and it is going to cost him his sobriety. Sam slams the shot and abruptly heads to the back alley in order to make himself puke up the liquor. Claire catches him and pays his bill, telling him to get his act together before giving him her own Loudermilk-esque speech. Claire storms off, Sam throws away his sobriety chip.

The next day Sam storms into Memphis’ dress rehearsal in order to confront her. We find out that Memphis and Loudermilk had broken up because of Loudermilk’s desire to get sober. She blames his dramatic response to the accident that nearly killed them as the inciting reason for their break-up. The two clear the air and Sam leaves to confront Ben. The two have it out and Sam reveals that Ben had been his rock and motivator for staying sober. Ben apologizes for lying and begs Sam to hit him to ease his guilt. Sam refuses, giving Ben a hug, before leaving and wishing them well. Oh, by the way, Sam mentions that he set Ben’s car on fire. He’s not joking.

Back home in Seattle, we see Allison and Loudermilk re-connect. Loudermilk is packing up Ben’s stuff to mail away and Allison reveals that she’s moving away. Sam reacts poorly but he opens up about his feelings for Allison, revealing all of the little things he did for her including sitting in the lobby for hours with the record player. Sam gives a speech and begs Allison to stay and the two passionately hook up. The final episode ends with Sam making his way back to A.A. and Father Michael allowing the wayward son to return to lead his flock.


‘Loudermilk’ Season 2 Preview – Let’s Get The Band Back Together.

With season one of ‘Loudermilk’ in the books and season two right around the corner, it’s time to get familiar with what is to come. Last season we saw Loudermilk relapse while his friend Ben turned into a true traitor, marrying Loudermilk’s ex-wife while lying about their relationship the whole time. The latest season two preview shows that Loudermilk is still struggling to put the pieces back together. His relationship with Allison isn’t going smoothly and Ben is desperate to get back into his friend’s life. Meanwhile, Claire is apparently playing the part of the motivator as she pushes the sober Loudermilk toward writing once again.

Season 2, Episode 1 of ‘Loudermilk’ will premier on October 16th.