When pop culture and sports collide

Meet Rich Eisen. He’s a TV/radio host, journalist and sportscaster. His resume reflects his dedication and reputation in the sports world. The Sports Emmy nominee got his start with ESPN in 1996 and sportscasting for the NFL Network in 2003. He is one of the most well-known names in sports broadcasting for a reason.

He’s also known for his show “The Rich Eisen Show.” The premise of the show is to debut a fresh perspective on the latest and greatest in sports news. Who does he interview? He meets pop culture figures to hear their take on sports. Find celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, and Michael B. Jordan discussing their careers and favorites in sports. Star athletes like Josh Norman and Richard Sherman share their game day predictions and sports insight. 

What makes the show so popular is the relatable content. Viewers connect with celebrities on a level sports fans understand. Guests bring their charm, entertainment and insight to the show for viewers to enjoy everywhere. Expect to hear your favorite celebrity talk about upcoming projects mixed with how their fantasy rosters are performing this season. The different perspectives and topics keep viewers up to date on the latest news and sports headlines and keep them coming back for more entertainment.

Want to watch? Catch “The Rich Eisen Show” weekdays noon-3 p.m. ET only on DIRECTV. Listen to insightful sports analyses, the latest sports news and a fun mix of humor and pop culture. Can’t watch? Listen to his podcast live weekdays noon-3 p.m. ET..