“You Me Her” Season 1 Recap

“You Me Her” makes for compelling television as it portrays what transpires when a typical suburban couple enters into a three-way romantic relationship with another woman. Broadcasting exclusively on The Audience Network, the show’s creators call “You Me Her” a “polyromantic comedy,” and it is the first of its kind in a television show format.
“You Me Her” explores the topic of polyamory in a comedic yet realistic way. It addresses the challenges that can arise when living outside of societal norms as well as how the arrangement affects each of the people involved on a personal level.

An Effort to Rekindle Marital Passion Becomes Much More

Set in Portland, Oregon, the series revolves around married couple Jack and Emma Trakarsky, typical thirty-somethings who are trying to have a baby. Unfortunately, their physical passion isn’t quite as strong as it was when they were first married, and they find that they are having difficulty conceiving.

In an effort to solve this problem and add some spice to their love life, the couple finds themselves connecting with Izzy Silva, a mid-20s college student who is working as an escort to help pay her bills. While initially their relationship is strictly a business transaction, the couple begins to fall in love with Izzy. In a surprising twist, it’s revealed that Izzy is also feeling the same for each of them.

More Than They Bargained For

With this revelation of a genuine shared connection, the business arrangement is ended, and the three become lovers. However, they quickly find themselves navigating a range of challenges, including deflecting the queries of nosy neighbors and trying to fit into a society that can be very judgmental about alternative lifestyles.

The three must also address their own personal insecurities and reactions as they come up during the relationship. For example, Jack and Emma must battle feelings of jealousy about the other’s connection with Izzy. They each feel conflicted about their own feelings for Izzy and often wonder about the wisdom of their choice to enter into this uncharted terrain in the first place.

At one point, both Jack and Emma separately try to end the relationship with Izzy, only to experience an unexpected revelation that brings them back together. Jack also has concerns about how his home life might affect his work life and prospects for a promotion if the word gets out.

“More Genetalia, Less Intimacy…”

On the relationship advice show Loveline, Adam Carolla once described sex with multiple partners in this way: the more genetalia involved, the less true intimacy each participant can have. There is an inevitable imbalance, and one or more involved usually struggles emotionally with the arrangement. This dynamic definitely manifests in the relationship Jack, Emma and Izzy share – only in their case, all three are struggling.

Jack eventually has to deal with the threat of blackmail at work as a result of his alternative lifestyle. This could affect his career and livelihood dramatically. The couple changes their mind and tries to go back to a business arrangement with Izzy, but she proposes another idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out as she’d hoped, and the relationship takes yet another turn.

While the married couple tries to manage the feelings brought out in them by their relationship with a third party, Izzy struggles as well. After one particularly intense encounter, they all tearfully decide to break up. Izzy returns to her home in Colorado to recuperate and work on her emotional issues. But while meeting and connecting with one another has turned all of their lives upside down, breaking up reveals itself to be a far worse prospect.

A Window Into a Forbidden World

Season 1 of “You Me Her” on The Audience Network hits the ground running and quickly sweeps the audience up into a torrid affair. “You Me Her” is as intriguing as you’d hope it would be. The three-way relationship is portrayed in an honest and nuanced way, and the series has plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

If you ever wanted to be a voyeur and look in on an honest but comedic portrayal of the polyamorous lifestyle, “You Me Her” just might be for you. The series is created by John Scott Shepherd and is about to begin its third season.

You Me Her season three beings Tuesday March 20th at 10PM EST on The Audience Network, DIRECTV channel 239.