“You Me Her” Season 2 Recap

 “You Me Her,” a comedic series about a three-way romantic relationship, is the first of its kind in television history. Broadcasting exclusively on The Audience Network, the show explores the pleasures and pitfalls of polyamory in a sometimes-lighthearted yet often realistic way.

The show’s first season introduced us to a normal suburban married couple named Jack and Emma Trakarsky. They are typical Portland, Oregon thirty-somethings who are attempting to have their first child. The problem is the flames of passion aren’t what they once were, and they are having trouble conceiving. They decide to try and rekindle the fire in their relationship by bringing a third person into the bedroom – a college student and part-time escort named Izzy.

It’s Complicated…

At the start, this relationship is strictly business. However, Jack and Emma find that they have each fallen in love with Izzy. To the audience’s surprise, Izzy has fallen in love with the couple as well. The trio decide to end the business relationship and become lovers.

The first season of “You Me Her” depicted the couple as they navigated this new and unexpected world. They all struggled with the pressures of societal norms and judgement from the outside world. They also faced their own internal insecurities. The couple struggled with feelings of jealousy as each worried about the other’s connection with Izzy. Breakups and makeups were abundant in the first season.

In the second season, the three are officially a “throuple” and fully committed to making it work. However, the obstacles continue. They face tremendous disapproval from family members and friends, but they are determined to make it work anyway. While many are openly against their lifestyle choice, some friends are a little too interested in their polyamorous lifestyle; one couple even invites the threesome on a date.

Emotions Run High

Jack, Emma and Izzy also face struggles at home with the new cohabitation arrangement. Jack is initially cross with Emma for inviting Izzy to live with them before discussing it with him first. Jack is also facing his own changes in his work life, and chooses “the road not taken.” For a time, he takes some time away from Emma and Izzy and moves in with his older brother.

Even during their hiatus apart, the adventures of the threesome continue with unexpected twists throughout the second season. They circulate in wine bars and clubs, and in one episode, Jack runs into an old flame.

Izzy continues to try and mend the situation and get Emma and Jack to reconcile and get back together. Emma is having trouble at work as well and begins to question what she really wants in her personal life. Izzy’s roommate Nina is a recurring character, and the series explores some elements of her romantic life.

Starting a Family?

Jack and Emma continue to struggle with the judgment of outside parties, culminating with a visit from Emma’s extremely conservative parents. By this time, the threesome has reunited and are living in the same household. They decide to present Izzy as their surrogate. However, in doing so, they unearth some very significant and real questions regarding their wishes for a child.

This highlights the couple’s differences and calls into question the future of the marriage. Izzy’s roommate Nina continues to struggle with her own relationship issues and must look into the romantic past of her current boyfriend Andy.

After Izzy meets Emma’s parents and the couple explores their true feelings about having a child, Jack makes a surprising proposal: that all three should be involved in having a baby together. However, before exploring this further, they find themselves in a bind with Emma’s parents and must navigate this challenge before anything else.

Balancing Personal and Professional Lives

Emma’s career as an architect is taking off and has the promise of moving in exciting directions. She gets an amazing offer from a company called Pinnacle, forcing her to choose between her personal life and a larger professional platform.

The second season of “You Me Her” continues its exploration of the topic of polyamory in realistic yet humorous manner. The threesome must handle societal, personal and professional challenges to living this way. In Season 2, things get even more complicated as their feelings for one another deepen and their lives continue to unfold.

You Me Her season three beings Tuesday March 20th at 10PM EST on The Audience Network, DIRECTV channel 239.