See The Exception on DIRECTV CINEMA

See The Exception on DIRECTV CINEMA

The World War ll Era drama is part of DIRECTV’s Exclusive Premiere program which allows customers to view films a month before their theatrical release. The Exception is directed by David Leveaux (Romeo and Juliet) and features Academy Award® Winner Christopher Plummer (Beginners), Lily James (Cinderella), Jai Courtney (Insurgent), Janet McTeer (Me Before You) and Eddie Marsan (Ray Donovan) among others.

The film premiered April 26 at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, and is exclusively available for DIRECTV customers to watch on DIRECTV CINEMA1 before the film hits theaters June 2.

Loyalty and honor are tested in this highly tenacious film

Based on the novel “The Kaiser’s Last Kiss,” The Exception follows the life of a German Soldier (Jai Courtney) during the onset of World War ll as he is ordered to investigate if the Dutch resistance sent a spy into the home of Kasier Wilhelm ll (Christopher Plummer). In a twisting turn of events, the soldier finds himself in the midst of a forbidden romance with a young Jewish Dutch woman (Lily James) during his investigation. Lines are crossed, loyalties are tested, and secrets are waiting to be exposed throughout every scene of the film.

The romantic thriller is filled with suspenseful drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. DIRECTV CINEMA lets you experience the film’s riveting plot in the comfort of your own home.

Watch The Exception now on DIRECTV CINEMA

Will the German Soldier defend his country or choose true love above it all? Discover all of the nail-biting drama of the film today on DIRECTV CINEMA.

The Exception is available now for 72-hour rental in 1080p HD and standard-definition on DIRECTV CINEMA.2