Sex Scandal Rocks Presidential Hopeful’s Campaign in Third Season of “Full Circle”

Sex Scandal Rocks Presidential Hopeful’s Campaign in Third Season of “Full Circle”

Full Circle is in its third season with plenty of drama. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself binge watching all 10 episodes in one night. Written by Jorge Zamacona, known for producing the series Oz, the DIRECTV and AT&T AUDIENCE Network exclusive couldn’t come at a better time. There’s a presidential election coming up in real life, which plays well with the series’ theme.

Just days before the Democratic primary at an upscale, luxury hotel in Miami. The handsome and charming Senator Davis Faulkner is the front-runner for the Florida Presidential Primary. If he wins, the victory will guarantee his nomination to the Democratic ticket. Just when everything begins to fall into place, his Presidential bid spirals of control when a sex scandal rocks Faulkner’s campaign and his personal life. His team tries desperately to salvage his reputation, but discovers something perhaps even worse lurking beneath the scandal. Someone reveals a conspiracy may have sprouted from within his own camp. But who? And why?

Faulkner’s wife becomes increasingly unsettled by the unethical political climate she’s forced to navigate. Played by Kim Raver, best known for her role as Audrey Raines in 24, Mrs. Faulkner comes from a wealthy, highly-educated, and devoutly-religious background. She refuses to be a doormat wife that sits back silently as everything unravels. Her calculating character intensifies an already tumultuous situation.

Full Circle is unlike other TV series for its theatrical approach, a structure that’s similar to a play. The series is an anthology, meaning that it uses only two characters in one setting within each episode. The show then carries one of the characters over into the next. The constant episode-to-episode change in characters leaves you wanting to know more about ones who have been pulled. You’ll be left obsessing over your favorite characters and binge watching to see what happens next. Zamacona promises an unexpected and devastating conclusion.

Catch the third season’s premiere on Sept. 7, 2016, at 9 p.m. ET exclusively on DIRECTV and the AT&T AUDIENCE Network.