The Last Ship – Best Moments from Season 1

The Last Ship – Best Moments from Season 1

The crew of a lone Navy destroyer holds the key to ending a global pandemic and saving the world.

The Last ShipIt’s hard to capture an ambitious, high-concept TV show in 20 words or less, but that description of The Last Ship attempts to do it in 19. Part action and adventure on the high seas and part medical whodunit, The Last Ship follows the USS Nathan James on its post-apocalyptic journey to find a cure for the lethal Red Flu.

Along the way, the TNT drama has supplied plenty of memorable moments in only 10 episodes. Take a look at the some of the best scenes and plot twists (so far).

  • Scott Drops the Act. When Russian forces attack, Nathan James skipper Thomas Chandler realizes that the ship’s “training mission” to the Arctic is more than it seems. Civilian passenger Rachel Scott, a CDC virologist, finally tells him the truth. She and her partner, Quincy Tophet, are secretly collecting prehistoric samples of a deadly virus that has been spreading across the globe in hopes of finding a cure.
  • Chandler Takes a Jolt. The electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear strike on the mainland has scrambled the ship’s electronics. Chandler risks electrocution by holding the ship’s last remaining fuse in place as the crew reboots the systems. The power comes back on and Chandler is knocked down but otherwise all right. Viewers now know that Chandler isn’t afraid to take a calculated risk when the stakes are high.
  • Battle of the Bay. While looking for fuel and supplies at Guantanamo Bay, the crew encounters two threats – former al-Qaida prisoners and a Russian warship commanded by a renegade admiral. They also get a new passenger, a roguish former security contractor named Tex.
  • Tophet’s True Colors. Viewers learn why Scott’s colleague has been acting so suspiciously. The Russian admiral who confronted the Nathan James at Guantanamo Bay has kidnapped Tophet’s wife and daughter and is using that leverage to obtain control of the virus research.
  • Into the Wild. Dr. Scott needs monkeys to use as test subjects, so a team from the Nathan James ventures into the Costa Rican jungle. The visual of the excursion boats headed upstream accompanied by “Ride Across the River” by Dire Straits makes for a haunting tableau. Things get even more interesting when the team runs afoul of a drug lord who has seized control of a local village.
  • Taken and Retaken. After helping rescue a virus survivor stranded on a fishing boat, Chandler and Tex are captured by the Russians. The admiral wants Scott and all her research in exchange for the captain. The Nathan James crew pulls off a daring rescue and manages to bring everyone home, including Tophet’s family.
  • Closing in on the Solution. After a harrowing round of voluntary human trials, Scott and Tophet create a treatment that will not only serve as a vaccine against the virus but also a cure for the infected.
  • Home Sweet Home? A message from a surviving member of the civilian government has the Nathan James crew thinking they’ve found safe harbor. What they find instead is a cold-blooded attempt to dispose of America’s so-called expendable citizens using the virus that the crew has worked so hard to eradicate.

Stay Tuned for Season 2 of The Last Ship

Look for the second season of The Last Ship to set sail in the spring or summer of 2015. In the meantime, fans can revisit all the memorable moments from Season 1 and look forward to more excitement next year.