Catch Up on The Walking Dead in Just a Couple Minutes!

We’re literally days away from the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead! If you need a quick refresher or if you have never seen an episode, these recaps can help fill in some of the blanks. These videos cover some of the major highlights of each season while leaving just enough out to keep things interesting…just in case you decide to see the show for yourself.

Season 1 Recap

Get caught up with Rick and the gang in our minute-long recap of The Walking Dead Season 1! Will Rick find his family? Is there truly a solution at the CDC? Got a minute? Find out!

Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of The Walking Dead ramps up the tension and the drama as the difference between living and surviving is explored with Rick and his group! Watch new faces and old hatreds enter the mix as Rick tries to keep the group together in a world that seems intent to tear them apart.

Season 3 Recap

A lot has changed since Rick and his group were chased off the farm! Take a minute and catch up with America’s favorite zombie-killing family in our one minute recap of The Walking Dead Season 3!

Season 4 Recap

Is the Governor gone for good? Will the prison walls hold against an ever-growing horde of undead? Is there truly a sanctuary to be found in Terminus? Find out the answer to these and other questions in our season 4 recap of The Walking Dead.

Season 5.5 Recap

In this half-minute recap of the first half of season 5, we discover the fate of Rick and his people. There’s no sanctuary to be found in Terminus, but can there truly be any sanctuary in a world overrun by ravenous dead? This short little recap will help you prepare for the return of The Walking Dead.

Season 5 Recap

There’s a lot to cover in Season 5 of The Walking Dead and not a whole lot of time to do it in. Lucky for you, we’ve managed to break down some of the more iconic moments in the season, fitting it all into a minute (or so). Get caught up with the fifth season with our 1 Season in 1 Minute recap of The Walking Dead!