The Walking Dead Season 5: Cannibals?

The Walking Dead Season 5: Cannibals?

The Walking Dead is coming back in a little less than a week and it’s time to talk about all these teasers – all the clues and the hints regarding the fate of our heroes. Now, for anyone who has read the comic, it’s easy to spot where the comics and the television program will intersect once more but, for everyone else, let’s just get this out of the way:



Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about The Walking Dead and what new challenges lie in wait for Rick and his group.

Rewind to the RamblingZombie hand

The second half of season 4 ended with the prison, former safe haven for Rick and his group, toppled and the occupants scattered. Much of the remainder of the season jumped around between various splinter groups and their one destination in common – the alleged sanctuary at Terminus.

Eventually, everyone met in Terminus only to discover that sanctuary was another word for guns pointed in your face. Rick and his small group tried to escape, running past telltale signs of something far more sinister before eventually being detained in a train car and reunited with the rest of his people.

Something Stinks in the City of Terminus

Shrewd viewers might have noticed that, while Rick and Co were trying to evade capture, they ran past a tarp covered in piles of bleached bone. This is important, especially when you also factor in the seeming unwillingness of the Terminus inhabitants to actively fire upon Rick and the rest of the survivors. Human meat isn’t much good if it turns into zombie meat is it? Let’s also not forget that, up until now, meat has always been a bit of a luxury because, sadly, humans aren’t the only thing zombies have a taste for.

So…what exactly is Terminus hiding? What is the deep dark secret about this place and why are Rick and his people being “kept” in this so-called sanctuary. Well, the running theory is nothing short of cannibalism.

Cannibalism plays a major role in the comic book series of The Walking Dead, but that’s not the only reason speculation seems to arrive at this conclusion. If you pay attention to the events of the season 5 trailer, Rick and his group are being dragged through a warehouse where Rick just vaguely makes out what appears to be a man in a butcher’s apron sawing away at something human-shaped. Rick and his people also appear to be kneeling over a trough almost as if they are about to be slaughtered.

It all seems highly reminiscent of “The Hunters” story arc from the comics, where a group of cannibals killed Dale before Rick and Andrea could come to the rescue. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Is Man on the Menu?

Everything fans of the comic know and the clues given in the teasers seem to point to this. Whatever the people of Terminus have planned for Rick, we know that the ultimate mission to find a cure for the plague will come into play. How Rick and his group will escape the possible fate of being eaten still remains to be seen.