Trespass Against Us Brings Action and Family Drama to Directv

Trespass Against Us brings action and family drama to DIRECTV

From Doctor Who director Adam Smith comes Trespass Against Us, an action-packed crime drama. The film follows the Cutler family, three generations of traveler outlaws living in the wealthy, anarchic backwoods of Britain.

Trespass Against Us draws you in from the very beginning with a comical yet endearing portrait of the family of four. Chad Cutler, the head of the household, follows in his father Colby’s criminal footsteps and helps the rest of the gang loot homes for valuable items. The family lives together in a trailer community of travelers who enjoy spending much of their time speeding across meadows in stolen cars. Chad even lets his young son Tyson attempt to steer the car as they zig-zag their way across the open fields. Despite Chad’s poor parenting, he and his wife Lucy still believe it’s important to give their son and daughter a proper education. He wants his children to have the opportunities he wasn’t afforded as a child.

Unexpectedly, Chad makes the national news for a high-profile robbery, and now the police are after him for stealing from Lord-Lieutenant, an important local figure. Lucy learns of the news while watching TV and continues to pester Chad about leaving the outlaw life behind and breaking free from his father’s reign. With the mounted pressure of getting his family out of the traveler community, Chad starts to reevaluate his criminal lifestyle and loyalty to his father’s infamous gang. Chad ultimately decides to get out.

Colby learns of Chad’s decision to leave and quickly devises a plan to stop them. Dangerous high-speed car chases ensue, blood is drawn and no one is safe. With the law and his father after him, Chad goes to extremes in an attempt to save himself and his family. Emotions run high and you won’t expect what happens next.

You may recognize some familiar faces in Trespass Against Us, like Academy Award®-Nominee Michael Fassbender (Chad Cutler) from Steve Jobs and Golden Globe®-Nominee Brendan Gleeson (Colby Cutler) from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Trespass Against Us was selected for the 2016 BFI London Film Festival and the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Don’t miss out on the powerful performances of an exceptionally talented cast. DIRECTV and AT&T customers have exclusive access to the film starting Nov. 24. You can also catch it in theaters beginning Jan. 20, 2017.