Underrated Horror Films That Are Scary Good

Underrated Horror Films That Are Scary Good

What makes a great horror movie? For some fans, the list of key ingredients may include:

  • Gore by the bucketful, preferably in 3D
  • A high-concept plot involving zombie werewolves or vengeful ghost robotsUnderrated Horror Movies
  • A seemingly indestructible villain who goes by one name and enjoys spouting one-liners

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Still, serious horror fans know that a movie doesn’t have to fit the profile of an over-the-top blockbuster to be effective. A compelling story told with a skillful touch can be every bit as scary, and sometimes much more satisfying.

With Halloween approaching, you may be in search of a scary flick or two to put you in the spirit. Before you turn to the latest release from the industry’s formulaic fright factory, consider this list of lesser-known horror gems.

Wind Chill

Two college students sharing a ride home over winter break encounter the supernatural on a haunted stretch of highway. This suspenseful, atmospheric thriller will leave you feeling – appropriately enough – chilled.


A father enlists his two young sons in his mission to kill demons hiding in human form. Is he divinely inspired or murderously insane? Directed by and starring Bill Paxton, this dark and brooding tale will keep you guessing right up until the closing credits.

The Thing (1982)

John Carpenter’s remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic got a cool reception from critics and moviegoers. Over time, however, horror fans have grown to appreciate the suspense, paranoia and creeping terror that permeates every frame.

Let Me In

What happens when the girl next door is one of the blood-drinking undead? Let Me In tells the story of a shy boy’s relationship with his new neighbor Abby, who happens to be a vampire. If you’re expecting a cheesy Twilight-style romance, think again. It’s creepy, bleak, yet somehow heartfelt.

Session 9

An asbestos cleanup crew takes on a job at an abandoned mental asylum, which may not be so abandoned after all. What could possibly go wrong? A whole lot of things, one after the other. In terms of psychological horror, it doesn’t get much edgier than Session 9.

Near Dark

After being seduced by a beautiful and mysterious stranger, a small-town cowboy discovers the terrifying secret of her so-called family. The genre-mixing Near Dark is a vampire movie that never uses the word “vampire” – and it’s a modern classic.


If you haven’t seen any of these terrific movies, look for them in the DIRECTV On Demand digital library. You’ll agree that they’re all horrifyingly underrated and gruesomely underappreciated.