Watch “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” on DIRECTV before it hits theaters

Watch “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” on DIRECTV before it hits theaters

DIRECTV customers have an exclusive opportunity to watch “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” before it opens in American theaters.

Written and directed by Tian Xiao Peng, the 2015 animated feature originally released in China enjoyed a stretch as the country’s highest grossing animated film. As one of China’s most successful films, it won the 2015 Golden Rooster Award for Best Animated Feature and hopes to continue its success in the US.

The English version features the voices of Jackie Chan (“Kung Fu Panda 3”), James Hong (“Kung Fu Panda 3”) and Nika Futterman (“Star Wars Rebels”). DIRECTV subscribers can get an early look on DIRECTV CINEMA before it’s in theaters July 29.

A heroic tale of friendship and redemption

Folklore of the Monkey King distinguishes the character as a supreme, yet rebellious, warrior. In Tian Xiao Peng’s version of the tale, the Monkey King’s rebellious nature leads to his imprisonment in an ice cage buried in the mountains.

After centuries of confinement, the Monkey King is liberated by chance when a child flees to the cave while seeking refuge from attacking monsters. The child and Monkey King team together to save the town, returning the king to his former hero status.


“Monkey King: Hero Is Back” promises fun for the whole family, and is available now for 72-hour rental exclusively on DIRECTV. Customers can order the film in standard-definition for $6.99 or experience the impressive animation in 1080p HD for $7.99.

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