You Me Her: DIRECTV’s Answer to the Modern RomCom

You Me Her: DIRECTV’s Answer to the Modern RomCom

You Me HerDIRECTV and Entertainment One have joined forces once again to bring You Me Her to living rooms across the country. Entertainment One (eOne), which previously partnered with DIRECTV on the police drama Rogue, will be returning to the DIRECTV Audience Network with a new show that explores a rather unconventional relationship.

You Me Her was created by John Scott Shepherd who will serve as the executive producer and showrunner. The 10-episode comedy draws its inspiration from a Playboy Magazine article “Sugar on Top” by John H. Richardson. It will center on the complex dealings and interactions of a group of individuals involved in a three-way relationship.

This show will mark the second partnership between DIRECTV and eOne, the first being the police drama Rogue starring Thandie Newton, better known for her roles in The Pursuit of Happyness, Crash, and Mission: Impossible II. Gerard Bocaccio, Senior VP US Scripted Development of eOne, will oversee the project, and eOne will handle the financing, production and distribution. Peter Jaysen of Playboy’s Alta Loma Entertainment will also serve as an Executive Producer with Alan Gasmer who you might remember from Vikings. There’s currently no word yet on who will be playing the lead roles, but it’s only a matter of time before the news breaks on that.

When asked about this reunion between DIRECTV and eOne, DIRECTV’s Senior VP of Original Content and Production Chris Long had this to say:

“We are excited to partner with eOne again to bring You Me Her to our viewers. Audience Network always strives to feature a wide-ranging slate of programming that is unlike anything else on television and we have once again succeeded with You Me Her.”

DIRECTV’s Audience Network will serve as the home for this 10-episode series. Audience Network is exclusive to DIRECTV and features a mix of original programming, specials and feature films. So far, DIRECTV’s forays into original programming have included the likes of Kingdom – a drama set in the world of mixed martial arts – and the aforementioned Rogue; both of which have gone on to exceed their initial first season runs. With You Me Her, DIRECTV is looking to broaden their original programming by presenting the modern-day romcom through a different lens.

With so many talented people involved in You Me Her, fans are eager to see what DIRECTV and eOne can bring to the living room.