Watching Dead: The Zombie TV Viewer Guide

Watching Dead Zombie Viewer Guide Zombie Viewer Guide

Rick Grimes, the prison, the Governor – that was just the beginning. Currently there are no fewer than four TV shows about zombies either on the air or in development – The Walking Dead, Z Nation, In the Flesh and iZombie. These days, it seems like every other channel is ZTV.

But which of these shows will appeal to you as a fan of the living dead genre? It all depends on taste (and we’re not talking about brains).

We’ve developed a scoring system using three categories – or, to remain consistent with the zombie theme, Viewer Vectors:

  • Traditional Zombie Action (TZA) Humanity faces a grim, life-or-undeath struggle against the infected horde. Head-shots, low-speed chases and gore galore.
  • Zombie Social Commentary (ZSC) Exploring the moral and sociological implications of a zombie apocalypse. If we win the battle for existence, do we lose the war for civilization in the process?
  • Zombie Humor (ZH) Finding hilarity amid the horror. The typical zombie is slow-witted, clumsy and inarticulate – in other words, a perfect straight man.

Each show receives a score of 40, 30, 20 or 10 points for each Viewer Vector. Use the scores and show profiles below to determine which zombie program is most likely to stagger, shamble and snarl its way into your heart.

[su_spoiler title=”The Walking Dead (AMC)” style=”fancy”]This adaptation of the celebrated graphic novel has given critics a real reason to take the zombie genre seriously. It has the terror and the gore, for sure, but it also addresses the matter of how to retain your humanity after the world falls apart. (Hint: The title really refers to the living characters, not the walkers.)

The Walking Dead Zombie Viewer Guide


[su_spoiler title=”Z Nation (Syfy)” style=”fancy”]Get ready for a perilous road trip across post-zombie apocalypse America, which doubles as a mission to save humanity. Loaded with violence and dark humor, the show often succeeds at not taking itself too seriously – no big surprise, since it comes from the producers of the Sharknado franchise.

Z Nation Zombie Viewer Guide


[su_spoiler title=”In the Flesh (BBC America)” style=”fancy”]This vehicle from the UK is lighter on the violence and heavier on the human drama … semi-human, anyway. Society attempts to rehabilitate zombies after the invention of a treatment that restores their human consciousness. The show is praised for its inventive premise and its depiction of the prejudice encountered by the revived zombies.

In The Flesh Zombie Viewer Guide


[su_spoiler title=”iZombie (The CW, 2015)” style=”fancy”]A med school student joins the ranks of the living dead and gets a job with the coroner’s office so she can have access to human brains. Eating the brains helps her hang on to her humanity, but it also transfers the memories of the deceased into her mind. She uses this knowledge to solve their murders. Yep, it sounds like a comedy.

iZombie Zombie Viewer Guide


Viewer Vectors Zombie Viewer Guide

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