DIRECTV 4K Service Set to Expand in Early 2016

DIRECTV 4K Service Set to Expand in Early 2016

The new year is expected to bring an exciting new feature for DIRECTV customers: expanded 4K service with multiple channels dedicated to Ultra High Definition content.

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DIRECTV 4K ChannelsCurrently, customers can enjoy 4K movies and documentaries through DIRECTV 4K On Demand, with most titles available for download and a limited number available to watch instantly. Plans call for DIRECTV to offer a much broader selection of 4K programming, including live sports telecasts, starting early next year.

In fact, DIRECTV will tee off the first-ever live 4K broadcast in the U.S. with coverage of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club beginning April 7th. DIRECTV customers with compatible 4K UHD equipment will feel like they are in the crowd at Augusta with the vibrant color and sharp picture of the new DIRECTV 4K Channel.

Although the number of 4K channels has yet to be determined, news reports say that DIRECTV currently has the capacity to provide as many as 50. DIRECTV has already addressed most of the technical challenges already, so now all that remains is for networks to provide the expanded 4K content.

What 4K Ultra HD Means to the Future of TV

The 4K Ultra HD format represents the next generation of video quality, with resolution four times greater than HD.

Sales of 4K-ready televisions have shown steady growth in recent years. The research company Strategy Analytics has predicted that nearly 50 percent of U.S. homes will have a 4K TV by 2020.

DIRECTV is responding by offering more 4K-ready technology and 4K programming.

The Latest Leap Forward in DIRECTV 4K Television

DIRECTV has steadily expanded its 4K services over the past year.

  • November 2014 — DIRECTV becomes the first multi-channel provider to offer 4K programming
  • December 2014 — The DIRECTV 14 satellite is launched into orbit, providing additional 4K capacity
  • August 2015 — DIRECTV introduces the 4K Genie Mini, a device that allows customers without DIRECTV 4K Ready televisions to access 4K programming
  • April 2016

By early 2016, DIRECTV customers could have the opportunity to enjoy dozens of 4K channels offering live sports like the Masters Tournament and much more.

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Limited titles available. Two-room setup recommended. There is a fee of $6.50/mo. for each receiver and/or Genie Mini/DIRECTV Ready TV/device on your account. In the event the DIRECTV Ready TV is the only television connected to the DIRECTV service, there will be an additional charge of $6.50/mo. Additional Receiver Service fee and 4K account authorization required. HD channels include Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound when available from programmer.  Additional equipment required and sold separately.