DIRECTV Launches 4K Ultra HD Service

DIRECTV Launches 4K Ultra HD

America’s #1 satellite TV service has launched – in every sense of the word – a new era in top-quality viewer experience.

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DIRECTV 4K Ultra HDIn mid-November, DIRECTV became the first multi-channel video provider to offer programming in the 4K Ultra HD format. The company paved the way for even more innovation on Dec. 6 when the DIRECTV 14 satellite took to the sky aboard a rocket-powered launch vehicle.

DIRECTV 14 will provide capacity for additional 4K Ultra HD programming along with more HD for local markets. The satellite is set to begin operating in the spring of 2015.

What Is 4K Ultra HD?

This cutting-edge format sets a new standard for picture quality, with twice as many pixels as HD and resolution nearly four times greater. Programming in 4K offers more detail, richer colors and sharper clarity.

To enjoy DIRECTV 4K programming, customers need:

  1. An Internet-connected Genie HD DVR, Model HR34 or above
  2. A 2014 Samsung UHD TV manufacturer-certified as DIRECTV 4K Ready

Currently, Samsung is the only manufacturer offering TVs compatible with DIRECTV 4K. However, DIRECTV expects compatibility to expand to other brands in 2015.

What Can I Watch in 4K?

The current lineup of DIRECTV 4K programming includes blockbuster films such as Stark Trek (2009) and Transformers: Age of Extinction along with Forrest Gump, Amistad and other modern classics. The selection also offers several visually stunning documentaries on Antarctica, dinosaurs, air combat and other subjects.

Prices range from $3.99 to $15.99 per title. Around 20 titles are currently available, and DIRECTV plans to continue expanding its 4K programming.

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