DIRECTV Earns Energy Star Partner of the Year Award

DIRECTV Receives EPA Award             for Energy Efficiency Efforts

DIRECTV, the leader in satellite TV entertainment, continues adding to its list of accomplishments as a leader for the environment.

DIRECTV Wins Energy Star AwardOn April 3, the Environmental Protection Agency honored DIRECTV with a 2015 Energy Star Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence Award. DIRECTV and 78 other companies are credited with helping consumers save a total of $34 billion on utility costs and preventing more than 300 million metric tons of greenhouse gases.

DIRECTV is the only television provider to receive the Sustained Excellence Award.

DIRECTV’s efforts to promote energy efficiency in 2014 included:

  • All new DIRECTV receivers purchased in 2014 were Energy Star-certified, including devices such as the Genie HD DVR and the wireless Genie Mini
  • Educating consumers about whole-home DVR solutions that allow them to watch television in multiple rooms around the house using only one receiver, reducing energy consumption
  • Producing a Public Service Announcement on energy efficiency that has aired nearly 8,000 times on CNN, Discovery and other national channels

“Through their sustained participation with Energy Star, DIRECTV is helping Americans save money, save energy, and do their part to reduce our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “I applaud DIRECTV for earning EPA’s highest Energy Star award, the 2015 Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence Award, demonstrating a strong commitment to energy efficiency and to preserving a healthy planet for future generations.”

DIRECTV has been an Energy Star partner since 2009, receiving awards for six consecutive years.