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“Sports Heard Round the World” is a co-hosted, thought-provoking sports podcast. The two co-hosts, Alex and Ben, are two former collegiate athletes and sports enthusiasts. This weekly podcast will include passionate discussions on current top sports stories and various sports trends. Guests will include a variety of sports players, from amateur and collegiate to semi-professional and even professional. The topics include emerging stories and current debates in the sports world. From college to professional sports, this podcast will cover all of your favorite sports stories and more.


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College Football Preview

Fantasy Football Preview

AFC South and MLB Talk

NFC West, Urban, Tiger
AFC North Breakdown
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Is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer? Will Urban Stay at OSU?
We discuss NFL Awards for the upcoming Season as well as college football 
We discuss the NFC North and what is wrong with MLB’s Hall of Fame
NFL and NBA Discussions
We predict the NFC East and discuss if golf needs Tiger
Thomas Davis Interview 
We preview the NFC South and discuss what division in football is the toughest? 
Who are some fantasy football sleepers? Who will win the HR Derby?
Is Melo headed to LA? Who got snubbed in the All-Star Game? 
Is LeBron gone forever? What will it take to beat Golden State?
E1: Is Tiger Back? MLB Preview
E2: Is Dez done? Can LeBron carry the team one more time? 
E3: Is immaturity in your QB okay? What is the most important position in sports? 
E4: Who’s draft report card was best? Is Broadway Baker the top QB from the draft?
E5: Who’s the best team in baseball? We discuss the NBA playoffs and NBA Jam.
Weekend Preview May 11: We discuss the EPL, college baseball and a few other things. 
College Football Preview, MLB And Why the NBA Western Conference Finals Is A One Game Series
Vegas and Cinderella, LeBron and Kawhi
Weekend Preview May 25
Who is the Super Bowl Favorite? What records will never be broken?
Weekend Preview June 1
Is KD Golden State’s best player? Are the Cavs done?
Where will LeBron end up? Who is the best player to never win a title?
World Cup 2018 Russia Preview
Who will win the World Cup? NBA Draft Preview
Weekend Preview June 22
NBA Free Agency, Is Bryce Harper overrated? What to watch out for in your franchise QB