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Mayans M.C. premiere: What you need to know


Premiering September 4th on FX


Gunshots, revved engines and a Spanish rendition of “Paint It Black” are the sounds that greet audiences into the Mayans M.C. Season 1 trailer. Mayans – a spinoff of FX’s highly successful Sons of Anarchy – will follow SAMCRO’s (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) rivals-turned-allies, the Mayans Motorcycle Club (Mayans M.C.) as they traffic drugs hilariously hidden in the hems of prom dresses. But fans need not worry—the tulle won’t distract from the classic blood, grit and gore that thrilled followers of the original show.


The show’s lead character Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) is a prospect in the Mayans M.C. charter on the California-Mexico border. He’s certainly more laid back than SAMCRO’s star, Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), but he’s not shying away from the violent lifestyle of the outlaw biker gang. From early glimpses of the show, we can tell that EZ wasn’t always on the path to the biker life. At one point, he had a promising education and a solid relationship locked down. Sadly for EZ, cartel violence shattered a hopeful future and landed him in jail. The rest is history.


EZ has been brought into Mayans by his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas) despite his father Felipe’s (Edward James Olmos) disapproval. Felipe puts a heavy stress on the importance of family, which will undoubtedly create plenty of drama down the road. EZ clearly isn’t excited to jump into his new lifestyle, but undertones of vengeance keep pulling him forward. Hopefully that will help him stomach the regular shootouts, mutilations and other bloody moments in the violent storyline. Of course, the show isn’t all smoking guns and spilled guts. Get ready for an intense gang power struggle, a splash of secret agendas and even a dash of romance. It’s the total biker package.


Mayans M.C. hails from the brilliant mind of Kurt Sutter, whose award-winning Sons of Anarchy gained a tremendous following over its seven seasons and became FX’s highest rated series. Named after the outlaw motorcycle club on which it centered, the show followed the club’s founding chapter, SAMCRO, as it “protected” and controlled the fictional town of Charming, California through violence, bribery and other dark deeds. Main character Jax Teller was tasked with leading the club against rival bikers, racist groups and the law, all while managing the club’s gun running business. SAMCRO was loosely inspired by the real-life Oakland Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. In fact, David Labrava – a member of Hells Angels – served as the show’s technical advisor and starred in the show as SAMCRO’s resident assassin named Happy Lowman.


Sutter brings the same genius and vivacity of Sons of Anarchy into his new show, but critics aren’t certain of how Mayans will stack up against its extremely successful parent show. Audiences can decide for themselves by watching the premiere of Mayans M.C. on September 4 on FX. Make sure you’re ready to burn rubber all season long with a reliable satellite connection from DIRECTV.