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Choose DIRECTV and Get Entertainment Your Way

Want unparalleled entertainment on your terms? DIRECTV gets you the programs you need and puts you in control!

DIRECTV offers packaging options, special features and the kind of service that puts the customer first. Exclusive DIRECTV features let customers take control of the TV set, providing more programming options and a better entertainment experience. All this backed by hundreds of quality, HD channels — it’s really no wonder why DIRECTV rated higher in customer safisfaction than Cable for 18 years running.

As compared to other major subscription TV cable providers. Claim based on 2001-2018 ACSI survey of customers rating their own TV provider’s performance.

If you’re not choosing DIRECTV, you’re missing out on a great deal and services you won’t find anywhere else. It’s time to stand up and take charge of the TV set. Find out how DIRECTV packages and services can change the way you watch television.

All Included Package
99 /mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • Start your home entertainment off right with a taste of 155+ popular DIRECTV channels at a super-affordable price.
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All Included Package
99 /mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • Get more variety for the whole family with 160+ channels, plus sports channels like ESPN and ESPN2.
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All Included Package
99 /mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • A great value on a stellar lineup of 185+ channels, including everything from sports and entertainment to educational and news programming.
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99 /mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • Delivers 235+ channels with tons of entertainment and variety that’s sure to please anyone and everyone—at a price that’s better than cable.
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All Included Package
99 /mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • Enjoy 250+ top channels, including 11 movie channels for the ultimate at-home cinema experience.
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All Included Package
99 /mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • Maximize your home entertainment with a staggering 330+ channels, including premium movie channels like HBO and SHOWTIME.
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DIRECTV Packages

Looking for a service that provides packages for both the office and the living room? Look no further than DIRECTV!

While some providers like to dazzle customers with needless peripherals and expensive bells and whistles, DIRECTV packages are all about giving customers what they need to enjoy their favorite programs. Of course, different customers might need different things which is why customers will also be able to find DIRECTV for business needs, as well.

Want to get caught up on the big game? Plenty of sports packages to help with that. Looking for something a little more workplace appropriate? There are business packages available.

DIRECTV packages have something for everyone, whether you’re trying to liven up the living room or add a little flare to the office.


Bundling your favorite services and saving money has never been easier with DIRECTV and it’s a good thing. Some customers want more from their provider and DIRECTV gives it to them with the option to bundle home phone and Internet services.

For fans of the second screen experience, bundling DIRECTV packages with Internet can really add to the immersion while watching your favorite show. Adding home phone service to the mix is also a great way to stay in touch. And, since DIRECTV partners with only the best in the industry, customers can rest a little easier knowing that they are getting their Internet and phone service from industry leaders.

Not to mention that bundling with DIRECTV packages is a great way to get more without paying more. More service and more saving month after month, all rolled up into one simple monthly payment!



When it comes to putting the viewer in control, DIRECTV packages have all the features you need to watch the television you want, when you want. We’re talking top-of-the-line DVR service, exclusive sports coverage, mobile viewing and so much more. DIRECTV special features make television less of a hassle and give customers unprecedented control over what they watch, how they watch it and, most importantly, when.

You won’t get sports coverage like NFL Sunday Ticket with any other provider, and no other service provider brings you the convenience and control offered by the DirecTV Genie HD DVR. Those are just some of the features exclusive to DIRECTV.

DIRECTV Services – Television the Way You Want It

You just can’t find these kinds of services anywhere else. No other provider puts the viewer first like DIRECTV, and few providers really consider the office like DIRECTV for business. Whether you’re a business looking to liven up the lobby or you’re just trying to keep up with your favorite shows, DIRECTV packages and services have you covered. It’s television your way – more access, more control. Call today to order DIRECTV.

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