Why choose DIRECTV?

Any way you crunch them, the numbers speak for themselves. DIRECTV is available in all 50 states with 99% signal reliability1 making it a reliable entertainment experience. Access 50,000+ shows and movies with DIRECTV On Demand.2

Check out DIRECTV before you settle for cable

Satellite TV is available wherever cable is and beyond, which means you don’t have to settle for cable. Compare cable to all that you get with satellite TV service from DIRECTV. You’ll find that DIRECTV offers exceptional technology, high-quality programming and unbeatable value.

DIRECTV gives you many advantages over cable

From availability to technology to customer satisfaction, cable just can’t compare.

Unmatched availability

DIRECTV service is available in all 50 states. All you need to get DIRECTV is a clear view of the southern sky. Don’t be limited by cable lines – enjoy satellite TV’s unlimited availability and get DIRECTV no matter where you live.

Advanced technology

Genie®, DIRECTV’s top HD DVR, allows you to take control of how and when you watch your favorite shows. DIRECTV’s advanced technology also ensures a reliable signal. In fact, DIRECTV has a 99% signal reliability.1

Quality programming

DIRECTV offers over 185 full-time HD channels, more than any other satellite TV provider.2 You can also get channels dedicated exclusively to 4K programming.3 Experience more shows, sports and movies in superior sound and visual quality.

Customer satisfaction

For the 18th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than Cable. It’s just one more way cable can’t compare to DIRECTV. Order today and trust your entertainment to a proven leader in customer satisfaction.

You won’t find entertainment like this with cable

Cable can’t compare to all that DIRECTV brings to your home

Audience® Channel – See original dramas, special musical performances, full-length movies and more in HD on this exclusive channel. Included with every package.

Genie® – Get this advanced HD DVR and take control of how you watch TV. Check out all that you can do with Genie.

Early movie releases– Catch early premieres of movies, sometimes before you can even see them in theaters.7

NFL SUNDAY TICKET – See every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday.5 You can’t get this intense sports package anywhere else!

DIRECTV On Demand – Access movies and full seasons of shows whenever you want with thousands of titles available anytime.6

Exclusive 4K channels – Watch shows, movies, live sports broadcasts and more in Ultra-HD on multiple full-time 4K channels.3

Choose DIRECTV, a better alternative to cable

No matter how you compare the two, DIRECTV beats cable every time. Millions of customers nationwide choose this leader in satellite TV service for their entertainment, and you can too. Call now to order and enjoy a better way to watch TV!

DIRECTV vs. Cable? Go with the Clear Winner, DIRECTV

As you can see, an objective look at the satellite vs. cable comparison favors DIRECTV from every angle. Call now to join the more than 20 million customers who choose DIRECTV – you’ll be joining a winning team.